Sports: Playing them as an autistic person

With gross motor deficits, playing sports, especially team ones, have never been easy tasks for me. More often than not, people bullying me in the past have had something to do with playing sports. Here I outline my past experiences with team sports: Baseball Baseball was the first sport my parents introduced me to when I was around three or four years old. A minor … Continue reading Sports: Playing them as an autistic person

Autism: Do people accept it more now?

Autism acceptance and awareness: Hi everyone! This is my first blog in a while. I was doing work for my internship and was preoccupied with other things. This explains why I wasn’t posting on here for a long time. Anyways, I wanted to post about a topic that has especially been on my mind a lot of this year, given that autism has strongly affected … Continue reading Autism: Do people accept it more now?

Nostalgia: Playgrounds

You may ask, why this topic? Well, they were a part of all of our lives at some point? And quite regularly too. Grounders, manhunt, ball pits, monkey bars, slides, climbers, fireman poles, you name it. Playgrounds were always fun for me as a child. There was hardly anything more fun than moving around and making noise on colourful structures at a certain age. Indoor/fast … Continue reading Nostalgia: Playgrounds