Sheridan programs: Journalism vs. GAS

Introduction There were notable differences between the two programs I attended at Sheridan: Journalism and the General Arts and Science program. There were not only differences in terms of content, of course, but the overall atmospheres seemed a lot different too. Journalism GAS Extremely hands-on (Especially second-year). Not as hands-on (More university-lecture style). Professors really get to know you. It felt like elementaryagain in that … Continue reading Sheridan programs: Journalism vs. GAS

My pathway journey

Introduction As some of you may know, Journalism was not my first college program. The first time was when I was fresh out of high school in the two-year General Arts and Sciences University Profile program at Sheridan from 2011 to 2013. The second program was a brief time at Fanshawe’s Environmental Technology program in 2014, which was not a good experience for me. The … Continue reading My pathway journey