How the Toronto Van Attack made me feel

With the first anniversary of the horrific Toronto Van Attack approaching, I thought I would write about it. It hit close to home on quite a few levels (I live in Oakville). I remember the day well. It was originally just a regular Monday for me. I was working a four or five-hour shift at my previous job. It was one of the first nice … Continue reading How the Toronto Van Attack made me feel

Sheridan programs: Journalism vs. GAS

Introduction There were notable differences between the two programs I attended at Sheridan: Journalism and the General Arts and Science program. There were not only differences in terms of content, of course, but the overall atmospheres seemed a lot different too. Journalism GAS Extremely hands-on (Especially second-year). Not as hands-on (More university-lecture style). Professors really get to know you. It felt like elementaryagain in that … Continue reading Sheridan programs: Journalism vs. GAS

My pathway journey

Introduction As some of you may know, Journalism was not my first college program. The first time was when I was fresh out of high school in the two-year General Arts and Sciences University Profile program at Sheridan from 2011 to 2013. The second program was a brief time at Fanshawe’s Environmental Technology program in 2014, which was not a good experience for me. The … Continue reading My pathway journey

Canada’s Wonderland: Reviews of rides

Canada’s Wonderland ride reviews: Hi everyone! So this is my first blog in a while because I have been busy in the past week. With the warm season soon approaching, I thought I’d blog about one of my favourite things to do during the year, which is going to Canada’s Wonderland. I remember the first year I went to Canada’s Wonderland: 1999. My family and … Continue reading Canada’s Wonderland: Reviews of rides

Nostalgia: Playgrounds

You may ask, why this topic? Well, they were a part of all of our lives at some point? And quite regularly too. Grounders, manhunt, ball pits, monkey bars, slides, climbers, fireman poles, you name it. Playgrounds were always fun for me as a child. There was hardly anything more fun than moving around and making noise on colourful structures at a certain age. Indoor/fast … Continue reading Nostalgia: Playgrounds