My weekly social media posts: How they started

I like to use social media uniquely by making weekly posts.

This all started in late 2014-early 2015 when I noticed that many people were slowly drifting apart from posting statuses on Facebook.

I remember back in 2012 when my newsfeed would be flooded with written statuses, sometimes being as simple as, “Going to the mall with my friends!”, or “Having a great day!”

I also remember even further back when writing on each other’s walls/timelines were the norm instead of always private messaging. Those days seem to be over now.

With many people in my generation not using social media the same way they used to, I couldn’t move on as easily.

When that point came, I decided that I would do weekly posts to keep my followers engaged- moving on from the traditional “What’s on my mind?” status writing by posting them less frequently.

Those who follow me on Instagram are obviously familiar with Motivational Monday and Throwback Thursday, but on Facebook, I also have had a few other weekly posts (A couple of past, and a couple of still present ones).

Motivational Monday

I struggled with coming up with an “M” weekly post for Monday. However, one day, on a bitterly cold Monday afternoon in February 2015, one of my cousins posted a Motivational Monday message on her company’s Facebook page. I immediately decided that I should maybe do something like this from now on, so I don’t get bored with Facebook as easily.

Since February 2015, each week, I have posted Motivational Monday messages for my social media followers to see and apply to their daily living.

These messages often include inspirational quotes or general life tips.

I care about my family and friends. When I see that they struggle, I don’t feel good. I want them, as well as myself, to see the best in things.

Since July 2018, I have been posting video Motivational Monday messages with me recording myself with my iPhone on both Facebook and Instagram.

Of all the weekly posts I have done, I seem to get the most consistently positive feedback on Motivational Monday. I have had friends tell me stuff like, “I show these messages to my family!”, and “When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes don’t want to go out, but your Motivational Monday messages make me change my mind!”

Truth Tuesday

Truth Tuesday is a weekly poll or multiple-choice post I make to ask my friends personal questions about their favourites, lifestyles, and opinions (Obviously, they have to be appropriate and not risky) for them to comment on.

These questions often include a variety such as “Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?”, “What do you think of this year’s fall foliage?”.

I then give options such as A) Los Angeles Rams or B) New England Patriots. Also, A) The colours are gorgeous, B) Meh, or C) It doesn’t look like fall.

Back in late 2014, I originally thought “How about Trivia Tuesday?”, but then I realize it would be too boring because if I were to ask about general world facts, people could Google the answers too easily. Also, if I asked questions about myself, my parents would know the answers, which would make the game less fun for those who don’t know me as well.

As these two ideas I experimented with failed, I decided, “How about I ask my friends questions about themselves?” I then came up with “Truth” for T. When people give me answers to my questions; they hopefully tell the truth. This is how I came up with Truth Tuesday.

I haven’t gotten too much feedback on these posts, but I have been generally successful with them in terms of engaging my audience.

Wednesday Weather Update

For those who have me on Facebook, you know that I post weekly essay-like posts summarizing the weather in the past week and future weather across the Golden Horseshoe. I also write about tropical storm systems during the warm season months.

Yes, weather was easy for me to come up with for W.

I include graphs to communicate what has happened in recent days with temperature and precipitation trends. For temperature, I use line graphs. Red lines indicate above normal temperatures, while blue lines indicate below normal temperatures. The top lines indicate maximum temperatures (Daytime highs) while the second row of lines shows minimum temperatures (Overnight lows). The darker lines show the normals for the time of year. For precipitation totals, I just make bar graphs.

These above graphs are examples of what I show on my Wednesday Weather Updates.

Given my passion for weather, I read numerous other weather blogs back in 2014, and this inspired me to make my own Facebook weather posts.

My first WWU was on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014. These Facebook weather posts have been going strong every week since. Some weeks, I had to postpone my posts to Thursday or Friday, or even post as early as Tuesday. However, this has been rare. No more than I’d say five to eight per cent of the time.

People have been giving me lots of positive feedback on my writing and knowledge of weather with these posts. This is especially true with people who are interested in the weather such as my online friends. Of course, I’ve had people I know in real life compliment me on them as well.

I talked about the return of late summer warmth in last week’s update.

Throwback Thursday

Who enjoys nostalgia every once in a while? I do.

Of course, since Throwback Thursday (TBT) has been extremely popular with social media, there was no creativity on my side with this one.

I have numerous collections of old photos sitting in several rooms in my house, ranging from a loft gym to the basement recreation room. With several other Facebook friends doing TBT in the past, I figured, I might also do it.

I started doing TBT as early as September 2014. Happy five years, lol!

Depending on the picture, TBT has been popular some weeks more than others. On Facebook, there has been less engagement, although I still get a fair amount on Instagram.

My most recent TBT from last week. I golf at Pike Lake near Mount Forest, Ont. on Saturday, July 11, 2015.

Facebook Friend Appreciation Friday

Back in 2015 as well as parts of 2016, I made “Facebook Friend” for F.

With these statuses, I would pay tribute to family members and friends who have been there for me. I would comment on my memories with them as well as what I like about them.

I would write these every week for about eight months from February 2015 to October 2015 until I was slowly getting worried about what some people may think.

Briefly, I want back to it in mid-2016 as well, until those old thoughts came back.

My family and friends greatly appreciated my posts, though.

Saturday or Sunday Status Game

I briefly experimented with this one back in 2015. I eventually realized that it seemed somewhat too similar to Truth Tuesday and that people don’t engage with social media as much on the weekends anyway.

It wasn’t too successful, but I tried.


My weekly social media posts have mostly been successful. The posts have certainly given me confidence boosts as well.

In addition, here are my Facebook and Instagram profiles if you want to see my posts. I have Twitter but rarely use it. I don’t use Snapchat. It’s not really for me.

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  1. I love your blog Cory – keep up the fantastic work. I just started following you on Instagram and your motivational Monday tips made me smile. Please keep it going. I look forward to your posts.

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